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Exhibition support at conferences

When we are working in partnership with conference organisers delivering the conference room AV we can also offer AV support for exhibitiors.

Since we are already on site supporting the conference room we can supply plasma screens and other AV equipment for exhibitors.

The benefits include on-site technical support and no delivery charges.
The standard equipment we supply includes:

42" LCD screen on floor stand
42" screen that can take a computer or DVD input. The screen is supplied with a Unicol stand, a mains extension and VGA connection cable Other cables are availabe on request. The top of the screen is about 5ft 10in from the floor.

32" desktop screen
32" screen for tabletop presentations

24" desktop screen
24" computer screen for tabletop presentations

Presentation Laptops
Laptop for PowerPoint presentations or web browsing and demos

Stands for holding posters, pictures or signage

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